Where To Buy CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) has become popular over the last year for its health and wellness benefits. As CBD becomes more mainstream it is becoming easier to find and buy CBD products across the country. But, with hundreds of CBD companies in the market, it is important to understand where you can buy high-quality CBD products.

How do you differentiate between high-quality and low-quality? What should you look for before making a purchase? Where can I buy CBD in my area? This article is designed to answer all of your questions about where to buy CBD and what you need to know to purchase high-quality and effective CBD products.


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What is CBD & Why do people use it?

CBD is an extract from the hemp plant that is safe, non-psychoactive, non-addicting, and non-toxic. People are turning to CBD for all kinds of health and wellness reasons. There are over 11,000 studies published about the effects of CBD for various health conditions. Some of the most recognized benefits of CBD include:

Health and well-being benefits of full spectrum CBD oil

Where Can I buy CBD?

CBD products are everywhere. You can purchase it online, in retail stores, from multi-level marketing & direct selling programs and more. But just because it is available in all of those places doesn’t mean you should buy CBD from those vendors. Later in this article, we will discuss how to identify CBD companies and brands that you can trust. For now, let’s dive into the different places you can find CBD and ways you can buy it.


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Buying CBD Products Online

The most common way to purchase CBD products is through an online store, like Daddy Burt Hemp Co. Buying CBD online is quick, easy and, convenient. You are only a click away from buying high-quality CBD on this website. Plus, it only takes a couple of minutes to order your CBD products and you can get them delivered right to your door anywhere in the U.S for free. More generally, there are thousands of other websites that sell CBD products online.


Buying CBD products In a store

If you would rather talk to someone in person you can get your CBD products from a traditional retail location in most states. Popular locations to find CBD products include dispensaries, health & supplement shops, smoke/vape shops, pharmacies, and even some big-box stores are starting to carry CBD products. With over 24,500 individual stores selling CBD across the country we can’t list all of the locations. If you are unsure, it is probably best to call the company and ask if they offer CBD products and which brands they carry in their store.


Avoid: Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies utilize direct selling to distribute CBD products. These companies often use predatory approaches and sales tactics that are not beneficial for consumers. It is best to avoid these types of CBD brands as they are not built on the quality of the product, but rather they are built like a pyramid. If someone you know starts selling CBD products in your area without having a physical store, this may be a sign that they are part of a Multi-Level Marketing company.


Avoid: Amazon “CBD Products”

The products that are sold on Amazon as “CBD” are an attempt to deceive customers and Amazon’s algorithms. A quick search for CBD oil on Amazon shows more than 5,000 results, but Amazon’s guidelines for sellers explicitly prohibit the sale of products containing cannabidiol. To get around this, many of the products are mislabeled as hemp oil or hemp extracts. Based on that, you are not able to really identify what is in these products and you can’t identify the concentration of CBD. Therefore, it is best to avoid all CBD or hemp extract products sold on Amazon.


How to identify a good CBD brand

How can you know if a company or brand of CBD products is safe, reliable, and effective? It’s not always easy to identify which CBD brands are trustworthy, but the list of items below will help you find the right CBD brand.

  1. Is the brand certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority? – The U.S. Hemp Authority is the industry’s independent organization for establishing and enforcing the highest standard of safety and quality standards. These standards go above and beyond the regulations set by the government and distinguish the 20 companies certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority as leaders in processing and manufacturing quality CBD and hemp products. (Daddy Burt Hemp Co. is certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority)
  2. Where does the CBD come from? – Most CBD comes from hemp, which is legally required to have less than 0.3% THC. But, it is important to know the difference because some companies use high-THC plants that are only legal in select states. (Daddy Burt Hemp Co. only uses hemp with less than 0.3% THC that is grown in the natural soil and sunshine of Kentucky, USA and is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill)
  3. How is the CBD extracted & processed? Before picking your CBD product, ensure that the CBD brand can explain how the CBD is extracted and processed. There are a few different methods for extracting the CBD, but CO2 is often regarded as the best because it doesn’t leave residual solvents or chemicals in the CBD. (Daddy Burt Hemp Co.’s has developed a full Plant-To-Product™ Quality System to ensure our products are the highest quality and tracked throughout the entire process from planting to CO2 extraction to formulation to testing to bottling, and until it gets to the customer)
  4. Check for third-party lab results You should always verify that the brand offers independent testing results (often called certificates of analysis). This document is important because it shows the concentration of CBD and THC in the product sample as well as if it has any contaminants. If the company doesn’t publicly offer the testing information it is strongly recommended to avoid the product and the retailer. (Daddy Burt Hemp Co. publishes their COA testing results on each product page)
  5. Products should list the amount of CBD Look for products that include how much CBD is in the whole bottle and each serving (measured in mg/milligrams) on the label. It is important to note that you should check the amount of CBD (cannabidiol) specifically not just the amount of “cannabinoids” or hemp extract. If the amount is only expressed in those general terms, then it is not necessarily the amount of CBD that you expect. Double check these numbers against the concentrations expressed in the lab results for the product to make sure they are accurate. (Daddy Burt Hemp Co.’s concentrations are clearly labeled in CBD on the front of the bottle and what we say on the label is always what is in the bottle)
  6. Does the product contain THC? There are two main types of CBD products: CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum products include all the natural cannabinoids found in the whole plant (including THC, CBN, CBG, and more). Where as CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD without the other plant compounds. There is trace amounts of THC in full spectrum products, but not enough to get you high and is very unlikely to show up on a drug test unless taken in high doses. (Daddy Burt Hemp Co. offers both CBD isolate products and Full Spectrum CBD oils)
  7. Does the company have a good reputation? What people are saying about the product and the brand is an important signal for trustworthiness. It is equally concerning if nobody is talking about the brand. (Daddy Burt Hemp Co. has positive reviews on all of its products, has been included in lists of top CBD companies, on Forbes.com, and in media/news coverage)
  8. Does the brand have customer service? One way to ensure a quality CBD product is by checking if you can get in contact with a real person if you have a question or problem. If there is no way you can get in touch, there is no reason you should trust that brand. (You can get in touch with Daddy Burt Hemp Co. directly at (859) 447-6806, contact us online, or stop by our office in Lexington, KY)
  9. Does the company guarantee their products? Companies that believe in their products stand behind them with a guarantee for customers. (Daddy Burt Hemp Co. is so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee)

United States Map Outline with "Is CBD Legal?Is Buying CBD Legal?

Obviously, it is important to consider if it is legal before buying a CBD product. Thankfully, If the CBD is from hemp, then it is 100% legal to buy, own, and use in any of the 50 United States. The 2018 Farm Bill effectively legalized hemp and its byproducts at the federal level. On the other hand, products made from high THC plants (above 0.3% THC) are illegal on the federal level in addition to being illegal in most states. It is worth noting that some states, counties, and cities have restrictions on the sale of CBD in retail locations like your local grocery store. However, it is still legal to buy online, own, and possess CBD products made from hemp in those places. All Daddy Burt Hemp Co. products are made from hemp and therefore are legal to own and use in the United States.

Note: The information on our website and any other communication of Daddy Burt Hemp Co. is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice.


Final Thoughts on Where to Buy CBD

If you are looking, it is pretty easy to find where to buy CBD products. You can purchase them online or in many retail stores near you. But, you should avoid MLM programs and Amazon products of questionable quality. In order to fully benefit from CBD, it is important to buy your CBD from companies and brands that fulfill the steps listed above.

Daddy Burt Hemp Co.’s products are high-quality, trustworthy, and effective. You can purchase CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD pet products and more from our online store to be shipped directly to your door. All of our products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.