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Ways to succeed with CBD

At Daddy Burt Hemp Co., part of our job is to provide you with the resources to succeed with CBD products in your life. We’re constantly working on different ways to help you monitor the amount of CBD you’re using, the symptom levels you feel, and what routine works best for you.

One of the tools we recommend highly to help you succeed with our CBD products is our symptom tracker. We’ve developed a tool for you to understand how the CBD is helping with your condition. Many people will take CBD and will realize an hour or two after taking it that they feel better. The symptom tracker is designed to understand those benefits and to track the progress of your condition.


Daddy Burt Symptom Tracker

Daddy Burt Symptom Tracker Log



How to Use

The Daddy Burt Symptom Tracker is simple to use. There’s an initial self-assessment to reflect on your current symptoms. It usually takes 2-3 minutes to complete. After you finish the self-assessment, we’ve given you two sheets for tracking two weeks of symptoms. To use the sheet correctly, just make sure to record your symptoms and the severity of them before you take your CBD. Then, mark down the amount of CBD you took. Finally, check back in about an hour and mark down any differences in how you feel.