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MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil & CBD Oil

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When researching CBD Oil, the variety of oils that companies offer can make it confusing. Some sites mention hemp oil, hempseed oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, among many others. So, how do you know what you are looking for when you are buying CBD oil?

It is important to start from the very beginning to understand the situation. Naturally, there are two main categories of CBD oils: full spectrum and isolate. CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol without any other chemicals and is extracted in a crystalline chemical which is processed into a dry, concentrated powder. On the other hand, full spectrum CBD oil actually consists of CBD plus other chemicals and compounds extracted from the whole hemp plant. Full spectrum is often extracted as an oil or more paste-like consistency.

Both the isolate powder and extracted full spectrum would be difficult to measure and take the correct amount on a daily basis. To solve this problem, companies typically dissolve the isolate into a healthy oil to make it easier for people to measure and use. Some companies use MCT oil (Medium-chain triglycerides commonly extracted from palm oil or coconut oil) to dissolve the CBD, some use hempseed oil, and others use different oil options. It is important to note that as long as some form of CBD (isolate vs. whole plant full spectrum) is included in the product, it is considered CBD Oil.

Carrier Oils for CBD Products

At Daddy Burt Hemp Co. we have carefully chosen two different oils to be used in our CBD oils. In our main products, we use MCT Oil. We also offer many of our products in hempseed oil.

MCT oil and Hemp Seed oil


MCT oil is short for Medium-Chain Triglyceride oil. That is a fancy name for a few different oils, including coconut oil and palm oil.

Currently, we offer our 750mg Pure CBD Isolate and 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil (MCT) with MCT Oil.

hempseed oil used in CBD oil

Hemp Seed Oil (HSO)

We believe everyone should be able to experience the benefits of CBD oil. However, there is a growing population of people who have serious allergies to coconut and palm products. We introduced MCT-free versions of many of our products to provide a source of CBD without allergy concerns. Using hemp seed oil from the hemp plant means the entire Daddy Burt formulation comes from hemp grown in Kentucky.

Currently, we offer our 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil with Hempseed Oil.

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Alex Zorniger

Alex is an employee at Daddy Burt Hemp Co. He studied nutrition, the environment, and entrepreneurship at Tufts University before joining the Daddy Burt team as the director of business development. While working at Daddy Burt Hemp Co. Alex is also pursuing his MBA at the Fisher School of Business (Ohio State University). Alex has a passion for helping people learn about the constantly evolving Hemp industry. Alex has been featured in articles published on Forbes.com and the Cannabis Business Times.

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