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CBD For Pets

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Human food is not always good for pets. But, in the case of CBD, it is actually safe and effective to give your pet CBD for many of the same reasons humans use CBD. CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive component of hemp plants, can effectively help your pet’s health and wellness.

Many veterinarians are speaking out in support of CBD for pets.  One notable example is  Dr. Gary Richter (an Oakland-based, high profile holistic vet) who made it clear in an interview¹, CBD is not only safe and reliable for pets, but also an effective medicine. In this quick article, we will look at what pets are affected by CBD and how it will impact them.

What pets respond to CBD?

Humans are biologically very similar to many animals. Scientists have determined vertebrates and invertebrates have an Endocannabinoid System. This means many common animals  – such as dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, rodents, and lizards – have natural receptors in their body that react to CBD. For that reason, many of the effects of CBD work on both humans and pets.

With that said, a lot still needs to be researched to better understand how CBD effects different pets for specific conditions. The American Veterinary Medical Association² (AVMA) has yet to publish conclusive research on their findings, but have reported interest in identifying the benefits of CBD and other hemp-derived elements for pets.

Until the AVMA’s results are published, we turn to independent peer-reviewed studies and scientific journals about CBD for animals. For example, an article published in the Frontiers in Veterinary Science³ states that CBD provided beneficial effects for dogs without any recorded side effects. Another specific example is a study from Cornell⁴ which indicates that a 2mg CBD administration per kilogram of the animal’s weight (twice daily) can help with pain and increase comfort in dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

dog and cat getting along

The possible benefits of CBD for pets?

Below are some of the areas where CBD has the potential to impact the health and general wellbeing of pets:

These are only some of the many benefits of CBD that are currently being researched for pets.

woman giving a dog a CBD pet treat

How to give CBD to pets

The best dose for pets depends on the type of animal, weight, size, and overall wellness expectations. The best way to give your pets CBD is by starting with a small dose and working up to higher doses you monitor your pet’s reaction. Popular pet CBD studies recommend giving your pet a daily dose of 1-2mg of CBD per kilogram of your pet’s weight. Typically, owners will split this dose and give their pet half in the morning and the other half in the evening.

Will they get high?

No, CBD products will not get your pet high. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Tim Shu¹⁰, has gone on the record to say this about CBD, “It doesn’t damage the kidney, liver, or GI tract. The dogs aren’t high or sedated.”

All federally legal CBD products are required to have less than 0.3% THC. That means your pets won’t get high from quality CBD products like those from Daddy Burt Hemp Co.

Written by:

Alex Zorniger

Alex is an employee at Daddy Burt Hemp Co. He studied nutrition, the environment, and entrepreneurship at Tufts University before joining the Daddy Burt team as the director of business development. While working at Daddy Burt Hemp Co. Alex is also pursuing his MBA at the Fisher School of Business (Ohio State University). Alex has a passion for helping people learn about the constantly evolving Hemp industry.Alex has been featured in articles published on Forbes.com and the Cannabis Business Times.

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Bob Estes

Bob is the founder and CEO of Daddy Burt Hemp Co. Bob has quickly become an authority and expert in the hemp & CBD industry. He originally developed an interest in science and engineering and received a degree in Industrial Engineering, which led him to a career in the nation’s space program. Bob worked for several aerospace companies supporting the space launch for NASA and the Department of Defense. Since Hemp farming has been revitalized in America over the last decade, his family legacy has called to him. Daddy Burt Hemp Co. is the rekindling of Bob's family's hemp farming legacy, dating back to the early 1800s.Bob has been profiled by Smiley Pete Publishing and has been featured in articles about CBD/Hemp on Forbes.com, Kentucky.com, MiamiHerald.com, NewsObserver.com and many more.

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