Daddy Burt Hemp Co. Logo with Daddy Burt ImageDaddy Burt Hemp Co. received the U.S. Hemp Authority’s official certification for hemp processors/manufacturers on June 13th, 2019. This certification is currently the only process in the world to verify that hemp and CBD companies are following the most stringent safety protocols to produce high-quality CBD products. This recognition puts Daddy Burt Hemp Co. among only 20 companies in the world that have been recognized with this prestigious accreditation. We are also the youngest company to ever receive the certification, having just launched our online store in April 2019. While Daddy Burt Hemp Co. may be the youngest company to ever receive this honor, the brand is deeply rooted in a legacy of Kentucky hemp farming that dates back over 100 years.

Daddy Burt Hemp Co. is named after Bob’s great-grandfather, Joe “Daddy Burt” Burton, who was a leader in Kentucky hemp farming during the 1930s and 1940s. This recognition from the U.S. Hemp Authority is one of the many signs that Daddy Burt Hemp Co. is living up to the legacy of Daddy Burt by always doing the right things and never cutting corners.


What is the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification?

Daddy Burt Hemp Co. Certified by U.S. Hemp AuthorityThe U.S. Hemp Authority Certification Program is the hemp industry’s initiative to develop and enforce the highest standards of quality, safety, and adherence to best practices. The CBD industry is growing rapidly, but consumers are still unsure of how to identify trustworthy products. The U.S. Hemp Authority seeks to fix this problem by independently verifying that hemp and CBD companies are following approved manufacturing processes and developing safe products. The program was modeled after federal regulations for safely manufacturing dietary supplements and also incorporated feedback from 20,000 interested parties that the U.S. Hemp Authority reached out to while establishing the certification standards in 2018.

In addition, this voluntary certification program demonstrates the industry’s commitment to working with Congress, regulatory agencies, and law enforcement at a time when the Food & Drug Administration is evaluating how to handle CBD supplement products. In the absence of firm regulations and guidance from Congress and the FDA, the top players in the industry are taking it upon themselves to develop standards that inspire trust in consumers of CBD and hemp products.


How Did Daddy Burt Get The U.S. Hemp Authority Certification?

The hemp and CBD industry are still in the early stages and regulations have not been fully established yet. As a result, we designed our policies and procedures to go above and beyond the current product, legal, and safety regulations. We turned these procedures into our official Plant-To-Product™ System, which helped us earn the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification.

"DaddyDaddy Burt Hemp Co. starts with planting CBD-rich hemp seeds. We only partner with farms in the sunshine of Kentucky that meet our standards and the qualifications of the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification. After the hemp plant has matured, it is harvested, dried, and sealed. Next, it is time to extract the cannabinoids and isolate CBD using proprietary CO2 extraction techniques with additional confidential processing steps for unmatched quality. Then, each batch of CBD is tested and confirmed to be the highest levels of purity and quality before sending it to our FDA Food Grade Approved bottling facility. This is where we finish crafting to perfection our blends of CBD oils, CBD lotions, CBD edibles, and CBD pet products.

Daddy Burt guarantees what is on the label is in the bottle. We use independent third-party laboratories to confirm the accuracy of our products and CBD levels. The Certificate of Analysis for each product batch is available on the product pages for customers to download.

Daddy Burt Hemp Co. is committed to producing high-quality CBD products that our customers can rely on for their health and wellness. Our Plant-To-Product System helped to establish us as a leader in the hemp industry and we are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. As one of only 20 companies in the industry to meet the stringent criteria, customers will soon be able to identify the licensed U.S. Hemp Authority Certified Seal on Daddy Burt’s product labels, website, marketing, and advertising materials. Visit our online store to get your U.S. Hemp Authority Certified products delivered right to your door.


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