THC Free CBD Oil
500mg CBD
Peppermint Flavor

THC Free CBD Oil
500mg CBD
Peppermint Flavor


500mg of CBD – THC Free – MCT Carrier Oil – Peppermint Flavor

Daddy Burt’s Lite Strength CBD oil is crafted to perfection for your health and wellness with high-quality CBD (cannabidiol). This product contains 500mg of CBD for a 30-day supply of 16mg/day OR a 20-day supply of 25mg/day.

  • THC free for individuals concerned about drug testing for employment
  • High-quality processing for an odorless product with great flavors
  • MCT carrier oil for easy delivery and measuring
  • Tested by third-party labs to ensure accurate CBD strengths & product contents (downloadable test reports available below)
  • Our hemp-derived CBD is 100% federally legal to use and own in the United States

CBD users commonly say that adding 25mg/day to their daily diet provides their desired wellness benefits. Scroll down for information about the wellness benefits, suggested use, and product details.

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THC Free CBD Oil
500mg CBD
Peppermint Flavor


check THC FREE = No 'High' + No Intoxicating Effects
check Made in Kentucky, USA
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500mg CBD Oil (THC FREE)

  1. Brad

    I tried the cream on my knee. It helps relieve the soreness I feel after overuse.

  2. Ryder

    Huge fan of taking CBD. I may need to go with a stronger strength next month cause I take it twice a day.

  3. Jarod

    Really helping me. I just fell on my wrist. Feel better soon?

  4. Aaron

    I was planning to mix it with a smoothie like I did with plusCBD. But I actually really liked the taste so I just take it under my tongue.

  5. Laura

    Love it! Pepperminty!

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How much am I supposed to take?
There is no standard recommended daily amount of CBD. Many of our customers report receiving their desired benefits using 25mg/day. We recommend that you start with 15-20mg/day and adjust your usage from there.
Is it legal to use?
Yes! Our products are all made from hemp grown in Kentucky. This makes them 100% legal to buy online and own anywhere in the United States!
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Testing Information

On the results document, you can check which cannabinoids were detected in the test and at what levels. Including cannabinoids CBD, THC, CBG, CBC, and CBN. In the Cannabinoid Profile & Potency section, you can see the weight (%) and concentration of each cannabinoid in the tested product. ND = None detected above the limits of detection by the test.

To calculate the total CBD in your product, multiply the “Max CBD mg/ml” by 30 (the number of ml in this product bottle). You can also see the Max THC, this allows you to confirm that it’s under the legal limit of 0.3% THC.

At Daddy Burt Hemp Co. we take great pride in producing the highest-quality CBD products available on the market. As a result, we developed our Plant-To-Product™ Quality System to guarantee consistent quality for our CBD products. Part of our Plant-To-Product Quality System incorporates independent third-party laboratory testing to confirm the levels of CBD and contents of our products. Only after Daddy Burt’s CBD oil is tested and is confirmed to be the highest levels of purity and quality, is it sent to the bottling facilities. The third-party laboratory test results are published below and are available for download above.


CBD oil has become a popular addition to the diets of individuals looking to improve their health and wellness. Evidence from scientific studies and medical trials shows that CBD has many positive effects that could improve your quality of life, including:

  • Aids in managing muscle soreness and body aches
  • Decreases feelings of anxiety from things like overwork and family stress
  • Helps support the healthy joint function needed as you age

We are proud to make our products from high-quality hemp that is grown in the natural soil and sunlight of Kentucky. Our family legacy of growing hemp goes back almost 100 years and we use that generational knowledge to deliver you the best CBD products.

We have developed a plant to product system (PPS) to ensure that we deliver reliable quality for every bottle. We control our product from the hemp seeds, to harvest, to extracting and processing the CBD, to formulating and flavoring, to the FDA approved food-grade bottling of your final CBD oil product.

We even use third-party testing to make sure that our products have the correct CBD strengths and chemical ratios. You can download the third-party testing results above to check for yourself.

Suggested Use

There is not a standard dietary recommended amount of CBD. Some users may need to explore different amounts to find what works best for them. Daily CBD users commonly report experiencing their desired benefits at 25mg/day of CBD oil.

The effects of CBD are often felt for 4-6 hours. So, many people take half their daily serving in the morning (.75mL) and the other half in the evening (.75mL) for the total of 25mg/day.

If you are a new CBD oil user, you can start with a lower amount and adjust up from there as you find your desired wellness benefits.

How To Take CBD Oil

  1. Squeeze the rubber tip of the dropper in the bottle (the dropper will naturally fill roughly halfway, to the 0.5 mL line. For a more precise measurement lightly squeeze to release drops to the desired amount).
  2. Place the tip of the dropper under your tongue and release drops. Hold the oil under your tongue for 60 seconds.
  3. Swallow the oil. Users will typically experience the benefits of CBD within 30 minutes of consuming.

For best results, store in a cool, dry place, and shake well before using.

Suggestion: If you are uncertain of the taste of CBD oil, it can also be mixed into smoothies or other foods.


CBD isolate 500mg peppermint flavor product labelDaddy Burt’s 500mg CBD Oil (Isolate – THC free) is in a 1 FL OZ. (30mL) bottle and is available in peppermint flavor. The CBD isolate (99.9% pure CBD) is also mixed with an MCT carrier oil, making it easier to measure and consume.

Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil derived from coconut oil and Palm Kernel Oil, Hemp Derived Crystalline Cannabidiol, Natural Flavors, Natural Sweeteners

Note: Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil contains coconut, for an alternative we also offer a full spectrum CBD oil product that is made with a hemp seed carrier oil instead of MCT oil.

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